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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Hey... Thanh Nguyen here,

Since 2015 I've built and profited from several different types of websites. My biggest struggle was always getting "eyeballs" in front of my websites so that I could make money from them.

  • I struggled with getting traffic to my websites selling my digital products, so nothing sold.
  • I struggled getting traffic to my membership sites, so I couldn't build a recurring income.
  • I struggled getting traffic to my content sites, so no one ever clicked on my ads.
  • I struggled getting traffic to my lead pages, so I couldn't build a list!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I bet it does...

Everyone who begins building a business online always hits a wall when it comes to getting traffic.

It's super hard to learn EVERYTHING (article marketing, social bookmarking, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, linkbuilding, SEO, PPC, Craigslist, Backpage, US Freeads, Press Releases) you need to know, and then super hard to figure out which traffic tactics you need to be using.

I get it!

I've been there and done that and wanted to pull my hair out...

You do all of this work to get "something" up and going to make you money, and then you get stopped right in your tracks because you don't know how to get people in front of it.

You don't know how to drive traffic, and until you learn to do so you're completely stuck!

I Can Help You Get "Unstuck"...

It's been 7 years since I started my first online business, and over those 6 years I've learned 100's of different ways to get traffic. Not all of them have worked though...

As a matter of fact 90% of them DIDN'T work...

Over the years though I have "thrown out" the tactics that didn't work, and only kept the ones that not only worked, but worked really well.

Today, i'll share with you the secret to drive world class traffic from Pinterest to your website. It takes me copious amount of time, money, trials and errors before i discover the following secret strategy. You will be shocked by how simple it is.

This method is called Pinterest Ninja. This secret includes two things:

 #1: You need to pin and follow consistently on daily basis.

The number of daily pinning is at least 60 and the number of daily following must be at least 100. Those numbers need to be increased 2% daily. The concept behind this is that you need to prove to Pinterest that you're running a serious business. You don't mind to devote full time to grow your account. 

Being consistent tells the difference between someone creating their account for fun and a serious business owner. Pinterest will take this as an indicator to send more visitors to your pins. 

Do not care much about hashtags or anything similar to that. Pinterest rewards only hard and consistent works.

This concept also applied for Youtube. They also "sit back" and see if you post videos very often and consistently before they send a lot of people to your videos.

#2: Your pins or pictures need to be unique and high quality.

There are two ways to have that type of pins:

Option #1: Hire a graphic designer to create those pins for you.  

For this option, you will find yourself lucky if any graphic design agrees to make Pinterest pins for you with the cost of $1/pin. You need 60 unique pins a day or at least 1800 pins a month. In order words, you need to invest $1800 a month. 

Option #2: Collect proven viral pins from all over Pinterest.

This option is by far the best strategy. All you need to do is to type your desired keywords on Pinterest and copy top pins from the search results. You need to copy at least 60 pins a day or 1800 pins to sustain your pinning job.

You can arrange your time to do this job yourself or you can hire a virtual assistant. VAs from Philipine are my favorite. Many of them will take this job for just $7/ hour. You want to spread your pinning and following throughout the day. Pinning everything at once will lead to account suspension.

Now you know my secret...

Let Me Ask You a Simple But Vitally Important Question

 Is managing Pinterest accounts your strength ?

Focus On Your Strengths Not Weaknesses...


if sale conversion and lead generation are your strengths then would it be better to hire someone else to help with something you're not really good at ?

What i'm talking about is not a single person but a professional team. We'rea screw of 5 members strong. We'll handle every everything for you with your Pinterest account. We'll help you manage tedious and difficult tasks.

Imagine you have a professional team that do everything for you while you're sleeping. Working all day and all night while you do other things.Those tedious tasks are still being done but by a professional team instead of you. 

Thanh, That Sounds Interesting! But How Much Do i Need to Invest to Hire Your Team ? 

No worries ! You will be amazed...I would like to introduce my lovely crew...

Thanh Nguyen





Due to Limited Human Resource, There're Only 13 Slots Accepted For This Quarter! Don't Miss Out.

$7 for 14 Days Trial Then Only $197 a Month

We Bring Hungry Buyers To Your Website....

Pin & Follow 24/7.

We will grow your organic followers  with 250 following daily.Those are the ones who are passionate about your products and services from Pinterest.

You will have new 100 proven viral pins collected from all over Pinterest daily. Your pins are closely related to your niche. They're pinned consistently 24/7


You're freed from the burden of growing your Pinterest account.

Image that you don't have to slave yourself hours a day. You now can use that valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business.

We will keep you up to date with what happens in your account by reports. 


Without us, you need to pay an average of $1 per pin for graphic designers. You need at least 60 of them to use in a 30 days. This leads to $1800 monthly. 

You also need to spend money for a virtual assistant with an average cost of $6 per hour. With a minimum of 1 hour working per day, you end up paying 6x30= $180 a month for hiring a vitual assistant

=> Those costs alone take out of your pocket at least $1980 per month. However, you cannot be sure you'll grow traffic from paying that amount of money.

Success is Guaranteed 100%

Get Started.....

7 days later.....

Again...get started...

Massive improvement in just 7 days.....

Below is what we see very often...

Years of Experience...

We take care of your account with our professional management system...

We have a rich experience with variety of niches...

What customer Say About My Service...

I have had a Pinterest account for a couple of years and maybe get a few clicks per month to our website. I purchased this service a couple of weeks ago and our stats show 70 visitors in just a couple of weeks. So fantastic value!! Thank you!

Steve - Canada


Manfred - Germany


Very extensive and High quality work delivered. Moreover good communication skills.

Thanks Thanh! We'll continue the campaign..

Lee - South Korea


He seems to be very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. I recommend his experties in managing Pinterest accounts and will continue using his services for my two blogs. Thank you!

Crazy results! Recommended!

Chris - United States


Marek - United Kingdom


This gig is a real deal. It brings results as advertised. My Pinterest account grows nicely and brings visitors to my website. Highly recommended.

One of the best gigs I ever had. The seller knows his job and the traffic started to come in really fast

Michel - Germany


Alex - United States


Amazing work. Really helped with my account. Will be using his services again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer 100% money back guarantee?

 That is correct. - We use a proven way to boost your account so that we are very confident with our capapbility. There is a very small chance of failing. - If for any reasons, you are not happy with our service, we will refund every penny of your money back

2. I would like to do branding ? 

This is one of the most common claim from my customers. I have to say Pinterest doesn't design for branding. Most of people get to Pinterest and save and click to specific pins or pictures. They don't care about your profile or your brand until they get to your store and order your product or service.

In fact, the foundation of Pinterest is grabbed around pins not profile. That's why Pinterest is called "Pin"terest not "Profile"terest. At this stage, the most important thing we should focus on is to bring potential buyer to your store or website. If they order your product or service, they will remember your brandname. That is the branding time.

3. Will your service guarantee sales for me ? 

A selling progress includes traffic and sale conversion. You'll have hungry buyers from Pinterest. When those people gets to your website, it's your job to convince them to order your products or services. I can guarantee traffic but you need to learn how to convert them into your customers.

4. What is a Pinterest account ?
A pinterest account is simply a source of super targeted traffic or potential buyers. Don't take it like Facebook accounts that you create for personal interests. Facebook page isn't designed to drive sustainable traffic to your website Increasing fans just helps Facebook to sell their ads on your fan page.


5. Will you use my own pictures to pin on my Pinterest account ? 
The job of growing accounts needs proven viral pins or pictures. We get started by pinning up to 100 pins/day or 2800 pins/ month You won't have enough pins. Plus your pictures are unproven viral. Therefore your pictures are simply useless to boost your account. As a result, they won't be used.


6. What is your job really ?
My job is not about decorating your Pinterest profile. Having beautiful profile picture won't help to boost your website traffic. You need proven viral pins. My job is to boost your account performance which, in turn, leads to driving potential buyers to your website.


7. Do you work like a Virtual Assistant ?
A virtual Asistant is the one who do whatever you want to do. Your money. Your brain. His muscles A pinterest manager is the one who takes your wish and use his proven way to turn it into reality. If you are looking for a Pinterest mannger, you are in the right place.
8. How about traffic to my website ?
Getting traffic gets started from boosting account performance. From brand new accounts, it takes about from 2 to 3 weeks to start seeing traffic. Whereas in contrast, it takes from 1 to 3 weeks for old accounts. Overall, you will see a significant improvement in traffic after 2 months
9. Is it possible to scale up to bring more potential buyers from Pinterest to my store ? 
Excellent question ! The answer is "YES". The special feature about Pinterest is that traffic or buyers can bring from more than 1 account. If you sell your products well from traffic of one account, you can scale it up to unlimited number of accounts. I can help you to do that.

10. Is there any chance that my account gets banned ?

 Pinterest closely monitors new accounts for unsual activities. We get in and out very often so that there is a chance of that especially for new accounts. For old accounts,the chance of getting suspended is much smaller. If suspension happens, we will recreate Pinterest account for you.

11. What do you need from me to get started ?

All i need are information about your products or services, your niche and your target customer. Of course, you need to give me log in information. Then just sit back , relax and wait for great news from me.

Now You Have 3 Options...

Option #1: Leave this page and go on with your day. That's fine. Remember the fear you've felt, when nobody comes a knocking, when you start to doubt yourself, your ideas, your Baby! Questioning everything you have achieved so far. All your hard work, was it for nothing?

Option #2:  You will test out my strategy. It's like paying an average price of $1 per pin for graphic designers. You need at least 60 of them to use in a 30 days. This leads to $1800 for a month. 

In addition that that you need to hire a virtual assistant with an average cost of $6 per hour. With a minimum of 1 hour working per day, you end up paying 6x30= $180 a month for hiring a vitual assistant

=> Those costs alone take out of your pocket at least $1980 per month. However, you cannot be sure if what you're planning to do is working, right ?. Isn't it a risky investment ?

You would rather save $7 per day than letting a professional team with a proven strategy to grow your Pinterest account. This, in turn, leads to growing potential customers to your website.

Option #3: Do you know why you end up here ? That is because my team drives you from Pinterest to here. So what does that tell you ? My business is helping myself and it should help you too right ? Can you trust someone that that can help himself ?

So what do you think about investing $7/ day to hire a professional team who will dedicate to grow your account 24/7 ? Take action today, give your site a fighting chance.

 All you need to do is to click on "Add To Cart" button below and let us help you.

We Love to Help You But We Only Accept 13 Slots This Quarter. Take Advantage of This Incredible Deal Before It's Gone !

$7 for 14 Days Trial Then Only $197 a Month

60 Days IRON-CLAD Money Back Guarantee!

The King Of Pinterest Traffic Generation

Look let speak to each other frankly. I want to make sure you get a ton of value out of our service, and we've designed this 30 days managment package exactly to do that.

I am only interested in your satisfication. But if you're not satisfied with what you purchased, just shoot me an one-line email within 60 days of your purchase and i'll issue a refund immediately. It's that simple and that easy.

Intergity is the most important thing to me. And that's why i have such a strong. iron-clad refund policy. 

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Or still have concerns, contact me here >>

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