Getting killed by wild animal is one of rarest ways to die when you camp at a national park. In 2010, one unfortunate camper was killed by an angry mountain goat. 


On the first camping trip, people spend an average $128.


The world's largest buyers of tents is The U.S. Department of Defense.


In 2015, two brothers were zipped in a camping tent and then nobody knew how they felt into the family pool. They drowned before people could rescuse them

Get Lost In The Wilderness ?

When you know you get lost in the wilderness, don't wander around. Yell "Help" 3 times or blow a while 3 times to let someone know where you are. Wait few seconds and then do that again after turn 90 degrees.  Keep doing that until someone yell back. Wait for them come to you. sometimes echoes could be tricky because they may sound far away. The reason of this is that the person are turned away from you. 

     How To Survive Bear Attacks

Try to imagine coming face to face with a grizzly bear terrifying and potentially deadly but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of survival in an encounter. We had to spend a day with a thirteen hundred pound grizzly.

I even felt its hot breath on my face but with the increase in human bear interactions in recent years the best survival tip of course is to avoid them but as one pair of hunters learned if your attack fight with everything you've got, you can feel it punctured deeply and you could feel the teeth.

Michael Snowden and his son-in-law Jeff Vaughn stryn lucky to be alive this morning after an unbelievable flash the two brown bears and I could see him just shaking his head with his teeth buried in my leg a 700-pound bear pouncing on Snowden during the pair's annual deer hunting trip in Alaska

The fascinating techniques that could help someone survive a rare and dangerous berry camp is that you don't want to surprise. If you want to let them know that you're in the area .if you don't have much time to calculate , you run the stands, you try to make yourself large and make a lot of noise but you would never run never never run under any conditions and slowly back away Black bears are often more timid than Grizzlies .

You need to try and intimidate it. if it attacks , fight it with everything you've got But with Grizzlies, there's a difference to protect one's vital spots. You would cover your face and you would try to get onto your stomach but clearly if a 1000 pound grizzly is upon you, you don't have that much of a chance.

The key of course is to advertise your presence to the bears. When you're among them make noise in their habitat and even better than the gun If you know you will enter in the bear kingdom, prepare a bear spray just in case. It's very powerful .it totally disorients the Bears. Basically knocks out all of their senses at once.

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My story takes place four years ago while my friends and I were camping. It was six of us all together and we didn't really get to see each other as much as we'd like to. The first night we arrived at the campsite, it felt nice to see everyone. We all had pretty crazy schedules so it was nice to just get away from all the noise of daily life and just catch up.

A couple of hours past in it, we started to get late so everyone grabbed a drink and gathered around the fire to wind down before going to bed. Well at least that was the idea. Who probably stayed up a little longer than we should but we had a lot to catch up on , eventually we were all at the point where people were yawn in every five seconds

So we decided to call it a nine go to sleep. I don't know exactly how long it passed but I was having a little bit of trouble sleeping so I decided to get over my tent and go grab a book from my truck. That is usually what I would do if I was home when I was having trouble drift enough .

The truck wasn't very far but it was still a little bit of a struggle to see because all we had outside of our tents was an old lantern from my friend's dad I used while he was fishing . I eventually reach much for grab my books and some snacks and then headed back to my tent.

I was taking my time moving through the site so I wouldn't disturb people that were asleep. I was no more than a Theia way from my tent .When I heard what sounded like someone had just in their feet ahead of me, I looked up and saw a man just standing over the entrance of my tent.

He had a look on his face that I can only describe as disturbing. He appeared to be gritting his teeth and his eyes were really wide open. I actually remember hearing his strained breathing because I had a slight whistle at the end of every breath after what felt like a 40 seconds standoff .

I'm just looking each other. He started to back up really slowly until he eventually walked off into the pitch-black. I'm not embarrassed to say that I was so scared . I didn't move a muscle for a good two or three minutes . After the encounter now at this point I wasn't concerned about waking people up.

In fact that's exactly what I wanted to do I walked over to the area where my body cam was sleeping his tag calling his name. Even though I was speaking normally, it sounded extra loud so it didn't take much for him as well as some more of our group to wake up explain to them what I saw and which direction the man headed in

Everyone began frantically checking their belongings to see if anything was stolen but not a single thing was out of place. Pam and Matt grabbed a couple of flashlights and went to take a look in the direction that I last saw the person headed in. It didn't travel too far away so he could still hear them trying to get a response from anyone who may still be nearby

After five minutes and no sign of anything they both came back to shrug their shoulders or shook their head . Even though I knew everyone believed me, I still felt like people were annoyed for waking them up over nothing . I must have tried to explain what happened three or four times to make sure people knew I wasn't making this up

Ten more minutes passed and then we all heard something running from the opposite side of the camp what made this even stranger was that the person running was also laughing to himself in a really creepy way.  Have you ever heard anyone tried to hold in a laugh but it eventually escapes anyway. That's what it sounded like everyone was completely frozen as if we were just waiting for someone to pop out of the darkness

but knowing what he did who tried to locate where the person was or even just get a response from them but every time we did it would just go silent again. We discussed what we were gonna do because we'd all had a drink so he couldn't drive and there was far too much stuff to pack away in the middle of the night.

We ended up staying close together, three people awake, keep an eye out and three people in the tenants to try and get some rest. Needless to say nobody got any sleep apart from the odd broken branch from rustling of bushes . Nothing much happened for the rest of the night. It was only when the Sun came up did we start to realize that things were going to be okay but everyone was still feeling a little bit uneasy after what happened

We wouldn't stay around any longer than we had to so we packed all our things away and left the site as fast as we could. We report the incident to local police. You said there were reports of someone doing the exact same thing only two nights before. Well they never found anyone. We eventually booked into a hotel and after organizing our stuff which was to say the least thrown into the vehicles in a blind panic.

We decided to have a talk about what happened, what made this entire experience even more terrifying was one of our group found small holes that were into various parts of their tent not very big but big enough so someone could peek in. Adam, it was another member of our group noticed footprints on the hood and roof of his car.

We think this is where the person was watching us from.

Probably my scariest experience happened when I was on a camping trip with my brother and parents in Colorado. We helped set everything up. By the time we were done, it was getting dark so we decided to sit around the campfire and get ready to make s'mores with my dad . That is what i was really looking forward to

While we were waiting for my parents to finish up, getting things ready, my brother and I were throwing things into the fire. For some reason he found the noise it made hilarious and every time there was a snap from the fire, he would allow a laughter. That was just contagious I glanced over at my parents who were organizing some food and drinks when I looked to my left and noticed my brother was frowning looking off to his right side.

He was never a shy kid and more often than nice correos as he would get him into trouble, he continued to throw things into the fire to amuse himself by I can tell his focus was different still he kept turning his head to the right side and even squinting his eyes as if he was looking for something

Now keep in mind how dark he is out there. The only light you harvest from the fire so when you feel a little bit nervous is amplified by a thousand. I remember looking at his face completely change as if he could see something looked up look get into my eyes and I knew something was wrong.

I have no idea what he was looking at but I was terrified just by the look on my brother's face. Finally my parents brought the food, they prepared over and came to sit by the fire with us. He started to calm me down and we began to talk into some food. We were sitting there for no more than five minutes.

When all of a sudden my brother kicked his legs out and screamed at the top of his lungs saying he saw a pair of eyes looking else.  My dad wrapped his arms around him trying to keep him calm but at the same time ask him where he saw the eyes. His reaction completely terrified me and I remember how close I was to bursting into tears if my mom wasn't next to me

I have completely freaked out my dad moved my brother next to me and my mom and got up to take a look to see if he could see anything. He patrolled the area where my brother saw something and said wherever he saw was gone .My mum was trying to keep us calm but I could tell she was just as scared as we were. He wasn't like my brother to act like that.

My dad said it was an animal and it ran away but my brother said it was a person who was really tall .My dad picked him up because he was now becoming hysterical and he tried to show him that nothing was there. Only my brother Lao another scream well this time it was so much worse saying it's behind you. The screaming maid will never leave me because it was something of complete and utter fear my parents decided we shouldn't stay the night

So they places in the car and quickly packed up our stuff. It was probably an animal or something but my brother still swears to this day that what he saw was no animal and he still haunts him . I have been company a few times since then and each and every time I expect to hear that bone-chilling scream that my brother made when he said he saw something in the darkness, my dad jokes about why I thought my brother start to this very day

But whenever we discussed the story together I can see the look on his face almost as if he did believe what my brother saw that night

Okay so I'll start by saying that I would consider myself pretty experienced with the outdoors. My earliest memory was with my dad setting up a makeshift shelter while we were out for a two-day camping trip.

I'm not one who spooks easily. I'll let their imagination run wild. In fact I'm pretty much the opposite but what I saw that day cannot be explained. Back then I worked two jobs and they were both pretty long hours that kept me busy from Monday all the way through to Sunday

I was working for almost six months straight without a day off so I decided to take some time away and reset my body of mind. After being off work for three days I was becoming Restless and I couldn't sit still so I decided to pack a few things and plan to head out to an area called Pine Lakes which was no more than an hour's drive north from where I used to live

I should mention that I have previously been to this bar a few times and I'd picked out a nice area to do some fishing or just set up a camp for a couple of days. I arrived pretty early the next day just so I could get a head start with setting up. I left my car at the bottom of the trail locking it up, grab my pack and set off

After walking for around 15 to 20 minutes, I noticed off to the left of the trail was a woman stood completely still, just staring at me . She had a look on her face like she was worried. I was a little concerned that she was scared of me so I waved saying hello and just kept walking trying to mind my own business.

I kept walking until I reached a small pond which was familiar to me because just behind that was where I found my secret spot. Last time I was here, everything was going great and I started to go through. I had planned for the day when it took a second for me to process what was going on .

When I realized it must have been a woman that I saw earlier making my way up the trail, the strange thing was when I last saw the woman she was behind me. oh the scream I just heard him from the front the ground started to even out which made it a little bit easier to run towards where I heard the noise until I eventually reached the area.

I was gonna sell camp show it out to see if I could get a response from anyone who might be in trouble but nobody replied. I waited for what felt like five minutes before I felt a little bit uneasy about the whole situation. At this point I was convinced that the woman I saw earlier was in big trouble so I decided I needed to head back and try and contact help

While I was heading back, my brain started going through all these different reasons why this woman might be screaming .Part of me was thinking I should stay in the area where I heard the scream in case she made another noise

But if she was endanger then I couldn't waste any time and I needed to contact someone. I felt sick to my stomach because as far as I knew this person's life now depended on me finding help. I was coming up on the area where I originally saw the woman the first time and as I made my way around the bend, I stopped dead in my tracks, she was there again with the same look on her face

Although this time she was a little further back, she was still definitely within talking distance trying to catch my breath I asked if everything was okay and if it was her that made the loud scream, there was an awkward pause for about a minute and a face went from a blank stare to instantly crying

I asked if she wanted to come with me and try and get us some help. When The Scream was so loud that it actually felt like something stabbing my ear and when I looked up she was screaming with her eyes open looking right at me. I backed off and moved away from her hoping that she would calm down and so that I could compose myself a little better

I turned around and she was gone at this point. I was a little bit panicked but I continued to head down the trail and see if I could contact someone for help. I was roughly about five minutes away from my car when I saw the same woman stood directly in the middle of the trail

You have to understand that up until this point I was running back towards my car and I didn't stop once I never heard or saw anyone the entire time I was running yet she was there and I noticed that she wasn't even out of breath a head was to the side and she was picking away at something in her hand.

I asked again if she was okay and if I could help. She slowly lifted a head up revealing the creepiest smile. I've ever seen I know how this sounds what she looked like a completely different person almost not human. I moved pasta and began sprinting the rest of the way to my car as fast as my legs could go

I was reaching the bottom of the trail when I felt something shoved me in my back causing me to fall face-first into the floor. I picked myself up but I could hardly see anything because my eyes were filling with tears. Due to the impact I finally made it to my car and I got the hell out of there as fast as I could

I made it back home and after contacting my friend, he told me to get to the hospital because my face was just a mess. Turns out that when I got to the hospital I broke my nose and I fractured my cheekbone. I eventually contacted the police and explained everything to them just as I have here. They contacted me a few days later telling me that a canine unit went up there looking for the woman but they had to call in another unit because the officers dog collapsed due to dehydration

All things considered I would say I was pretty lucky to get out of there but your guess is as good as mine as to whatever their hell I experienced that day

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